Local and International Telegram

Service Description

  • This service allows individuals and governmental organizations and entities to send local and international telegrams in return of determined tariff

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • Copy of the civil ID


Visit the Telegram Section at the Central Building, Telegram Section in Salmiya, Telegram Section in Hawalli, Telegram Section in Shuwaikh, Telegram Section in Ahmadi, or Telegram Section in Geleb, or visit Jahra Post Office, the General Post Office, Mishref Post Office, or Al-Qurain Post Office and submit the required document
Fill the telegram form and submit it to the employee in charge
Pay the fees due after the employee in charge checks the telegram and counts the number of words included. The telegram will be sent to the required destination office, then, to the consignee


(0.500) KD Variable fees: For the First (30) Words or Less (For telegrams sent inside Kuwait)
(0.020) KD Variable Fees: For Each Word After the First (30) Words (For telegrams sent inside Kuwait)
Undetermined Variable fees: Amount Due for Sending a Telegram (For each country, there is a specified tariff, except for the Arab Countries)
Undetermined Variable fees: Depending on the Number of Words (Average number of letters in each word is (10) letters. Each word consists of more than (10) letters will be considered as (2) words)
(0) KD Fixed Fees

Downloadable Forms

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