KGO Announcements

CAIT Participates in the 21st Meeting of the E-Government Executive Committee of GCC (Riyadh)

Date: 04/09/2019

The Kuwaiti delegation team of the Central Agency for Information Technology, and the accompanying delegation members attending the 21st meeting of the executive committee of the e-Government in the Gulf Cooperation Council were headed by Dr.Waleed Issa Al-Hassawi, a consultant specialized in information technology.
The head of the delegation gave his heartfelt thanks to Saudi Arabia for the hospitality and reception. He also thanked the General Secretariat of the Gulf Cooperation Council for its organization, coordination, arrangement and preparation for the Gulf Cooperation Council meetings at all levels.
Within the agenda, Kuwait presented a worksheet for preparing a framework to issue a periodical report, covering the achievements of the e-Government in the cooperation council. This worksheet included the proposal of the framework through operative communication channels, passing on experience and knowledge and supporting the electronic integration among members.
This is to achieve the members’ vision and objectives and to connect them to the United Nations’ sustainable development objectives. Moreover, the introduction included the initiative objectives, the mechanism of collecting and analyzing data, and the issuance of the required reports. ​