Briefing of KUNA main news for Thursday until 00:00 GMT

Date: 24/11/2022     Time: 11:44 PM

KUNA) - 24/11/22 23:44 MDA-KUWAIT-KUNA-SUMMARY Briefing of KUNA main news for Thursday until 00:00 GMT 3070208 CAIRO - Members of the Arab Parliament expressed rejection of the offensive European statements and interferences in the internal affairs of the State of Kuwait. 3070235 RIYADH - The Gulf Cooperation Council condemns and rejects all "systematic and malicious" media campaigns directed against its member countries, and attempts to undermine their successes and contributions at regional and global forums and events, the six-nation bloc said. 3070183 CAIRO- Protecting the Arab household, and taking a stand against domestic violence are issues of great importance, said Ahmad Lari, a Kuwaiti MP and member of the social, educational, cultural, woman and youth affairs committee of the Arab Parliament. 3070181 BRUSSELS - The 27-member European Union and the six-member Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) underlined their commitment to deepen and broaden their cooperation. 3070221 BRUSSELS - European Union Energy Ministers were unable to agree on gas cap prices to mitigate the energy crisis in Europe during their meeting in Brussels. 3070161 VIENNA - The price of OPEC basket of crudes went down USD 1.1 cents to USD 85.19 per barrel (pb) on Wednesday, from USD 86.20 pb Tuesday, the OPEC Secretariat said. 3070211 BRUSSELS - The European Parliament adopted a resolution backing the EU's exit from the Energy Charter Treaty (ECT) when requested to consent to it.