Sixth relief planeload takes off from Kuwait to Libya

Date: 19/09/2023     Time: 12:53 PM

Sixth planeload of aid left Kuwait to storm-struck Libya on Tuesday with tons of relief equipment and medical supplies onboard. Deputy Director General of the Kuwait Relief Society, Omar Al-Thuwaini, told KUNA that the Libyan people affected by the storm are in dire need of medical supplies in light of the spread of various epidemics and diseases due to the humanitarian disaster. The first batch of supplies took off from Kuwait last Wednesday, followed by second on Thursday and the third on Saturday, all carrying tons of necessary materials on board. Since disaster struck last Sunday, perhaps the largest catastrophe to hit Libya in 30 years, leaving in its wake thousands dead and others missing and injured, Kuwaiti humanitarian bodies hastened to rile up efforts and provide urgent relief to the Libyan people.