Lebanon strongly denounces Israeli army targeting of media crew

Date: 21/11/2023     Time: 1:00 PM

Lebanese Caretaker Prime Minister, Najib Mikati, expressed his strongest condemnation on Tuesday against the Israeli attack which targeted a press crew in southern Lebanon and led to the martyrdom of Al-Mayadeen news channel's correspondent, Farah Omar, Al-Mayadeen photographer, Rabih Al-Maamari, and a number of civilians. "This attack proves once again that there are no limits to Israeli crimes, and that its only goal is to silence the media that exposes its crimes and attacks," Mikati said, extending his deepest condolences to Al-Mayadeen news network and to the families of the two press martyrs. For his part, Minister of Information Ziyad Al-Makari made his remarks in Social Media network (X), that the Israeli aggression is a clear violation of all international laws, and paves the way for a chaotic scene. The "Israeli occupation doesn't differentiate between civilian and a media figure," expressing as well his sorrow to the victims' families.