Russia working to undermine UN sanctions on North Korea -- Pompeo

Date: 15/09/2018     Time: 12:41 AM

Secretary of State Mike Pompeo said Friday that Russia is working to undermine UN sanction on North Korea. "I spoke with Ambassador (to UN Nikki) Haley about this earlier today, Russia has actively attempted to undermine the UN Security Council resolutions, the work of the 1718 Committee, the committee of the UN evaluates compliance with sanctions by attempting to change the language there," Pompeo told reporters. UNSC Resolution 1718 created the UN Security Council Sanctions Committee on North Korea. "I hope that the 1718 committee will do what it has historically done; remain independent, and report on the facts as known, and not allow a single country -- in this case, Russia -- draft language and have it inserted," the Secretary said. "I hope they will publish the original document that they intended to publish, which shows clear activities related to sanctions and sanctions violations". He affirmed that the US is "as committed as ever" to enforce UNSC resolutions which are "central" to convincing North Korean Leader Kim Jon Un that decnuclearization on the Korean Peninsula is necessary.