US House Democrats subpoena Energy Sec. in impeachment inquiry

Date: 10/10/2019     Time: 11:47 PM

US House Democrats subpoenaed Thursday Energy Secretary Rick Perry for documents in the impeachment inquiry. "Recently, public reports have raised questions about any role you may have played in conveying or reinforcing the President's stark message to the Ukrainian President," the chairmen of the three committees leading the House impeachment inquiry wrote to Perry. They added "these reports have also raised significant questions about your efforts to press Ukrainian officials to change the management structure at a Ukrainian state-owned energy company to benefit individuals involved with Rudy Giuliani's push to get Ukrainian officials to interfere in our 2020 election." They are demanding that Perry hand over requested documents by October 18. This comes as Counsel to the President Pat Cipollone in a letter said earlier this week that President Donald Trump and his Administration "cannot participate" in the impeachment inquiry, calling "constitutionally invalid and a violation of due process."