Kuwait Mun.: Camping OK on eastern bay bank opposite bridge tip

Date: 09/11/2019     Time: 11:38 AM

The four-month camping season in Kuwait is kicking off on November 15 where the Kuwaiti desert, amid the moderate weather, would host camping fans and leisure seekers. Kuwait Municipality is kicking off the season, promoting a new site for camping, the eastern bank of Kuwait Bay at the other end of Sheikh Jaber Bridge that stretches across the sea waters, linking up the bay two banks. Fahad Al-Qraifah, in charge of public cleanliness and road works at the municipality, told KUNA that the new camping location has been chosen for easy accessibility, noting that it is far away from military installations and high-tension cables. Public services centers and security checkpoints will be erected close to camping sites, he said, reiterating that people cannot camp at locations that have not been chosen by the authorities. Camping fans can register their names as of the 15th of this month via a special website, with a KD 50 (approx. USD 150 fee) fee and repayable sum of KD 300 (approx. USD 900). A camper will be allowed to use a 1,000 square meter plot of land. Sheikh Jaber causeway is one of the latest national accomplishments, envisaged within Kuwait Vision 2035 development strategy. It is designed to pave way for decentralization and establishing new residential districts. Many Kuwaitis have been looking forward to enjoy the camping season, as the weather has turned quite with the heat currently in the 30 degrees' range.