Countries update daily COVID-19 tallies

Date: 22/07/2021     Time: 4:44 PM

Governments around the world announced their daily coronavirus updates on Thursday as they continue to battle the impacts of the deadly pandemic. Saudi Arabia listed 15 deaths, besides 1,162 new coronavirus cases to hit a new record of 514,446 infections and 8,130 deaths, Ministry of Health said. It added that 1,386 people were officially recovered during the past 24 hours to reach 495,650 cured cases. In UAE, the Health Ministry said that COIVD-19 infections climbed up to 667,080, after recording 1,547 new cases, while three death ceases were registered to reach 1,910 deaths. More than 1,519 people were recovered from the virus, to hit a new record of 644,753 cured cases. Meanwhile, Jordan confirmed 400 COVID-19 infections, besides seven deaths in the past 24 hours. Overall infections went up to 763,000, while deaths hit a new record to reach 9,929, the premiership and ministry of health said. It added that recuperated cases exceeded 745,500, after registering 468 new ones. Furthermore, the Netherlands reported 6,301 new coronavirus cases increasing the total number of infections to 1,827,782. Three more deaths were reported in the last 24 hours by the Dutch National Institute for Public Health and the Environment, increasing the total death toll to 17,789.