Kuwait Chamber Of Commerce And Industry Contacts

  • Location: Kuwaity City - Commercial Area # 9 - Abd ElAziz AlSager St.
  • Phone: 1805580 00965
  • Business Center: 22423555 00965 - 22423666 00965
  • Fax: 22404110 00965
  • P.O. Box: 775 Safat - State of Kuwait ZIP Code: 13008
  • Email: kcci@kcci.org.kw
  • Kuwait Chmaber of Commerce and Industry Website

Speech of His Highness the Amir of the State of Kuwait

Sheikh Sabah Al-Ahmad Al-Jaber Al-Sabah
(May Allah protect him) 29-1-2007

"Brothers, the diversification of Kuwait’s resources of income looms high on the state’s agenda, to secure the future of the next generation, because oil is naturally a depleted source. Therefore, transforming Kuwait into a distinguished regional financial centre has become an un-substituted solution to help us provide more productive job opportunities to meet the growing needs of our sons"