Charity In Kuwait

Kuwait is rich in various charity activities. Both the State and citizens works hard to:

  • Offer services to all people who need it around the world regardless of their religion, homeland, gender or color
  • Provide the basic needs of food, drink, and education and health services to poor societies
  • Relief the afflicted in areas of disasters, catastrophes, wars and famines and any other areas suffering from similar conditions by providing them with housing and help to adapt to the current conditions
  • Establish various educational and training projects aiming at the development and utilization of human potentials, and elimination of illiteracy to preamble the way of advancement and development
  • Establish productive projects of development in the poor societies with the aim of investing human and financial resources, and providing job opportunities to enable the individuals to live decently and independently
  • Attract volunteers to participate in charity activities through increasing awareness of voluntary, benevolence, and charity acts
  • Coordinate with charitable humanitarian organizations and entities of common interests with the aim of reaching full cooperation and interaction for the common good

Charitable organizations in Kuwait include:

NamePhone No.Fax No.Email
Social Reform
Kuwait Red Crescent
General Secretariat of the charitable work188880822675781-
International Islamic Charitable
Shaik Abdullah al-Noory Charitable
Islam Presentation Committee9760007422400057-
Patients Helping Fund Society2256006122571741-
Direct Aid186688822650145-
Al Najat Charitable Society9727774522524520-
Islamic Heritage Revival