Overview on Kuwait Mosques

The seed of prominence of the masajed in Muslim hearts was first sown in the prophecy era. As soon as the first masjed was established, it was highly ranked and became the origin of illumination, knowledge, discernment, and pride for Islam and the Muslims. The corridors of the masajed mark the composition of Muslim Scholars and Historians for their literary and scientific masterworks. The masajed, also, contributed in the social development of the Islamic righteous society by spreading solidarity and faith among Muslims. As time passed, Muslims reaped the fruits of the masajed effective role. Pride, sublimity and virtue became among Muslim traits. Moreover, masajed helped in spreading Quran and Sunna sciences, as well as all sciences that benefit people. Muslims were keen to send their children to the masajed in order to memorize the Holy Quran, learn about Islam, and draw forth from the infinite sea of knowledge.

From the dawn of Islam, ancient Muslims perceived the grandeur of the masajed and that the way for the highness of Islam and Muslims pride is through the masajed. The most powerful evidence on this magnificent rank is the establishment of the first masjed in Islam by the Prophet Mohamed (peace be upon him) as soon as he reached the land of Hijra. The Prophet (peace be upon him) made the masjed the source of the dawah, call for Islam, and a fountain of power that never runs dry in the hearts of Al Sahaba, the Prophet's (peace be upon him) companions, and believers. The Prophet used to meet with Al Sahaba in the masjed to teach them Islam doctrine. Once the true concepts of religion were engraved in Al Sahaba's hearts; they followed the righteous way in determination and certainty after the death of the Prophet (peace be upon him). They, then, set out to rehabilitate the world and spread Islam everywhere.

Through out history, the masajed were the starting point for beams of knowledge that radiated in the entire world. Within the walls of the masajed, biographies for many notable and honorable scholars and authors of many valued works of religion, science, and ethics were registered. Starting from the masajed and marching to the farthest places on Earth, armies of Islam derived their strength and determination from the strength of bonds with the masajed, the house of the worship, belief, and Call for Islam. The masajed reinforce the relation between Allah and human heart and soul. All Muslims are gathered to establish prayers as Almighty ordered and as inscribed in the Sunna of the Prophet (peace be upon him). They, also, meet in the masajed to learn about Islam and discuss all maters and affairs. Upon meeting, Muslims present purposive opinions, which are the gains of their precognition and correct understanding. Therefore, ties among Muslims are fortified and their union is unbreakable.

Muslims became aware of the dangers of ruination of the masajed and realized Allah's threats to those who endeavor to do so. The dangers of ruinating the masajed are not only limited to their closing, but extend to secluding their leading role, reducing their rank in Muslim hearts, and putting obstacles against performing their roles as required. The masajed play various roles of dawah, as everyone has his own duties that aim at Islam pride. Al-Imam, Al-Muezzin and the prayers, each one is consecrate to play his role and undertake his responsibilities. Each role is just a brick in the road of delivering Islam mission and spreading it throughout Earth.

When Muslims visit the masajed regularly and vitalize their role on Earth, Muslims become one strong unit. This solidarity and strength of Muslims is necessary for Islam dawah and victory.

If you want to search for the available masajed in Kuwait according to the governorate and the region, please click on the following link of the Ministry of Awqaf and Islamic Affairs. This link, also, provides information on each masjed, including the location of the masjed, its Imam, Muezzin and Orator.

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