Receiving Endowers in Al-Ataa Hall and Externally Collecting Waqf

Service Description

  • This service allows receiving endowers in Al-Ataa Hall (Benefaction Hall), externally collecting Waqf in secrecy, and answering any queries the endowers may have

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The endower must be qualified for donation by being a free, rational and sane adult
  • The endowment must not be made under duress
  • The endower must be the owner of the endowed property
  • A power of attorney from the endower may not be used for endowment purposes without the endower's approval

Required Documents

  • Civil ID, if the endower wants to display his name
  • The document of title of the real estate, if the waqf is a real estate


Visit Al-Ataa Hall (Benefaction Hall) at the Kuwait Awqaf Public Foundation Headquarters and submit the required documents
Request to create a waqf and select the spending channel(s)
In case of creating a Financial Waqf:
a- Pay the waqf amount at the treasury and receive your cash receipt voucher
b- Authenticate the cash receipt voucher in the Ministry of Justice (Optional), if the waqf amount equals (50000) K.D. or more
In case of creating a Real Estate Waqf:
a‌- The Deed of Real Estate Waqf (deed of endowment) is written to be later authenticated
b- The Deed is authenticated by the Legitimate Authentication Department at the Ministry of Justice in presence of the endower
In case of creating a Monthly Standing Deduction: Fill the Standing Order application form


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