Mosque Support Service

Service Description

  • Mosque Support. and Events and Activities Support.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Attaching the required documents.
  • Explaining why the support is needed.

Required Documents

  • Civil ID of the Mosque’s keeper.
  • Civil ID of the all workers.
  • Statement of documents (request details).


Attending in person to Jaafari Waqf Department in Awqaf Public Foundation.

Filling in the needed form.

Attaching all the needed documents with a statement about the current status.

Conducting an investigation about the current status of the individuals who need a field investigation by the social researcher.

Writing a report about the current status of the individuals who are in need of support by the social researcher.

Submitting the report and required documents of the individual in need to a committee to review and study his/her current status.


0 KD Variable fees
0 KD Fixed fees

Downloadable Forms

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