Providing assistance to the children of the waqf holders

Service Description

  • This service allows providing financial assistance to the children and relatives of waqf holders

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must be one of the children or relatives of the waqf holders
  • A proof of the urgent need for assistance
  • Providing all the required document listed on the envelop of the assistance application

Required Documents

  • Proof of kinship to the waqf holder (from the maternal or paternal side
  • Civil IDs of the beneficiary and all the family members
  • Residence proof certificate
  • Birth certificates of the children if the mother is the beneficiary
  • Salary certificate for the employee
  • Certificate from the Social Insurance for the retired and the unemployed
  • Marriage contract
  • Divorce certificate - certificate of no marriage
  • Death certificate of the husband
  • Certificate of financial commitments
  • (Bank account statement (for transferring the amounts


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