Apply CSC Scholarship

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to receive internal or external scholarships

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The employee must have the Kuwaiti nationality
  • The employee must not have been sent in a scholarship or a grant, or received a study leave in the same specialization, which was ended by cancellation
  • The scholarship specialization must correspond to the employee's field of work
  • The scholarship must be part of the scholarship plan approved by the Civil Service Committee for the requesting government body and part of the State general plan
  • The scholarship must take place in an acknowledged school, institute, or university approved by the Cultural Office or any other competent government body
  • The employee must successfully pass the TOEFL exam (or an equivalent exam) with a rate of 500 points at Kuwait University. The employee may, instead, pass an exam in the language of the country where he will attend his scholarship, in case this exam is available in Kuwait
  • Sending an employee in a scholarship during the delegation period is not allowed, unless the employee is transferred to the body he is delegated to. In this case, the regular service period required for the scholarship is calculated as of the start date of delegation (taking into consideration the fifth item of these criteria)
  • The employee must have a corresponding bachelor degree with a general grade of at least very good (or an equivalent degree), if the scholarship is outside Kuwait. Employees attending a scholarship in Kuwait are exempted from this condition, in case the required specialization is available
  • The employee must have been working for at least four years regularly in the requesting body, after his graduation. This period is reduced to two years for employees receiving scientific scholarships in medicine, engineering, and technical studies
  • The employee nominated for the scholarship should not be older than (40) years

Required Documents

  • Letter from the government body with the scholarship form enclosed
  • Physician visa (Canada) only


Visit the Scholarships and Study Leaves Department of the Civil Service Committee and submit the required documents
Fill the service application forms


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