Applying for Re-export Declaration

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and business sector (companies and organizations) to issue a re-export declaration

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The goods must pass the inspection and conformity phase

Required Documents

  • Letter of attorney for the applicant's representative
  • Copy of the customs declaration for the goods to be exported
  • Letter from the captain of the ship on loading the goods stated in the re-export declaration


Visit the North Ports Customs Department of the Customs Department and submit the required documents. The customs inspector makes the necessary goods inspection and conformity procedures with reference to the required documents
After the customs inspector issues the re-export declaration stating "Inspected for Export", bring a letter from the ship captain on loading the goods mentioned in the re-export declaration
Pay the fees due


From (3) to (6) KD Variable fees: Estimated Fees
(0) KD Fixed Fees

Downloadable Forms

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