Approval for Re-Classification a Company

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and business sector (organizations and companies) to obtain preliminary approval for Re-classification a company

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • In the case of new:
  • A letter on behalf of Mr. / General manger of kuwiat fire service directorate
  • A copy of the license from Ministry of Trade and Industry, provided that they are duly authorized to do the following actions: (a general contractor - Construction extinguish - electrical contracting - mechanical contracting services - Construction work healthy)
  • A copy of registration in the commercial register
  • A copy of registration at the Chamber of Commerce and Industry of Kuwait
  • A copy of the contract Association for local businesses and the last contract changes, but for the local businesses in solidarity with foreign companies He likes to provide a copy of the registration of the agency contract with the Ministry of Commerce and Industry
  • Provide a list of the coaching staff that carries out the work of firefighters and engineering services, showing the name and jurisdiction in the form of a table
  • Provide proof that the engineers and technicians employed by the company / organization. (Picture from residence on passport and a copy of the civil ID)
  • Make a CD containing all the required documents
  • Pass a competency test for the engineers by Category In case of renewal: All of the above except item No. (8) except in the case of a coaching change In the case of re-classification : All of the above, in addition to providing a list of projects in the form of a table showing the name and address of the project and the project file in the fire and not mention the type of equipment installed project based on the list of firefighters No. 137 for the year 2005 Note: In case of any change in the coaching staff Contractor shall notify the Fire Service Directorate and applied to him an item number (8)


Bring and submit the required documents to the prevention sector
Fill the service application forms
Pay the fees , if any


Unspecified Variable Fees
Unspecified Fixed Fees: Signature Authentication

Downloadable Forms

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