Saving And Credit Bank Grant

Service Description

  • A five-thousand Kuwaiti Dinars grant is provided in addition to the housing loan for simple disabilities and a ten-thousand grant for medium and severe disabilities.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The grant is given to the disabled, his father, or his guardian.
  • Ownership of a house registered in the name of the disabled, or the guardian

Required Documents

  • Copy of the proof of disability certificate issued by the General Authority for the Disabled Affairs
  • Copy of a valid civil ID
  • Grant application form from the medical secretariat section (in Al Sirdab)


The required documents are submitted at the location of the Authority building in Hawalli region - Block 11 - Beirut Street - opposite Bayan Bilingual School​
The file is presented to the physician for review and upon his approval, a statement is prepared to be approved by the director general
After approval of the statement by the director general, the statement is printed and sent to the Credit and Saving Bank


0 KD Variable Fees
0 KD Fixed Fees: Signature Authentication
0 KD Fixed Fees: Authentication of Commercial Agencies

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