Booking a Flight

Service Description

  • This service allows all Internet users to choose and book their flight destination, thus, issue and buy electronic tickets. In addition, they can choose special services and meals

Eligibility or Criteria

  • There are no specific terms, however, the service user must have a credit card or Knet card to complete the payment and purchase process of the electronic tickets

Required Documents

  • No specific documents are required, however, the data regarding the name and passport number must be entered as mentioned in the applicant's passport


Visit Kuwait Airways website and click on "Book Now" to plan your flight
Choose the suitable time according to your plans. You can change the flight day or the destination through the left panel
Check the flight details regarding the number of passengers and defined price
Enter your personal data and the special services required for all the accompanying passengers, then choose the payment method
Check the summary of the flight data; names of passengers and the defined price
Enter the details of your credit card to start the payment process and issue your ticket through the secure payment portal of Kuwait Airways
After completing all the steps, you will receive various e-mails: The first e-mail contains the summary of the flight details. Besides, the other e-mails will include electronic ticket receipts, based on the number of the passengers. (Traditional paper ticket and booking re-confirmation are no longer required)


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Downloadable Forms

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