Issuing New Licenses for Residential or Commercial Buildings with Commercial Facades

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens, residents, and business sector (organizations and companies) to issue new licenses for residential or commercial buildings with commercial facades

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Architectural or structural plans are returned to the engineering office, in case they include errors or do not conform to the construction system

Required Documents

  • Request letter from the owner
  • Copy of the real estate document of title
  • Agreement contract concluded by and between the owner and an approved engineering office
  • Engineering plan for the building from the engineering office agreed with
  • Soil testing report for the real estate from the Testing Station of the Ministry of Public Works or any approved laboratory
  • The planning opinion for the real estate from the Municipality Planning Department
  • Approval on the design from the Prevention Department of Kuwait Fire Service Directorate
  • Approval From the Road Inspection-Infrastructure Service Section-Municipality Planning Department
  • Approval of the Buildings of Unique Style Committee on the structural plans


Visit the Department of Engineering Licenses of Kuwait Municipality branch in the governorate concerned with the service and submit the required documents
Develop a file for the new parcels or extract the file from the archives of the Municipality for the parcels previously built
Register the service in the register of the Municipality Center. The request will be transferred to the Buildings of Unique Style Section in the main department to study the building outer facades and landscapes and prepare a report accordingly
Present the report to the Buildings of Unique Style Committee for approval
Present the architectural plans to the architectural engineer for review. The engineer, then, approves the architectural approval license form
Present the structural plans to the structural engineer for review. The engineer, then, approves the structural approval license form. A Structural Design Undertaking might be requested from the engineering office, if necessary
Present the plans to the Head of the Buildings of Unique Style Section to have the license form approved
Print the license and pay the issuance fees. The license is, then, checked by the architectural engineer and approved by the Section Head and the Department Manager


(0) KD Variable fees
(200) KD Fixed fees: Inside Kuwait city
(75) KD Fixed fees: Outside Kuwait city

Downloadable Forms

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