Issuing Safety Licenses for Residential, Commercial, or Industrial Buildings

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (companies and organizations) to issue safety licenses for residential, commercial, or industrial buildings; or stores, workers' accommodations, offices, or batch plants at the work location

Eligibility or Criteria

  • All required documents must be submitted

Required Documents

  • Bank guarantee determined according to the area size and nature of use
  • Undertaking for maintaining the public utilities and services signed by the employer (This form is filled at the department concerned.)
  • Signature authorization from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor for the legal representative and a copy of the civil ID
  • Approval of the Planning Department for the workers' accommodation and the batch plant
  • Copy of the company classification license
  • Copy of the contract concluded with the owner
  • Basic drawing of the store at the site from the employer
  • Copy of the supervision undertaking (for the commercial and residential projects)
  • Copy of the insurance policy
  • Copy of the first and second pages of the site plan from the Construction Department
  • Copy of the construction license
  • Copy of the general plan of the residential and commercial parcels....etc.
  • Approval of the Preventive Health Department and the Environment Public Authority for the workers' accommodation


Visit the Public Safety Department of Kuwait Municipality branch in the governorate concerned with the service and submit the required documents . The documents are checked by the employee in charge in the Licenses Section. After preparing and printing the license draft, it is signed by the supervisor and sealed with the necessary stamps
Pay the fees due
Receive the license


(0) KD Variable fees
(50) KD Fixed fees: Obligatory Fees

Downloadable Forms