Individual licenses (issuance)

Service Description

  • This service for business sector allows individuals to obtain commercial license

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Three years must have passed since the beginning of the licensed activity in the same location without changing the activity.
  • - The Ministry may request any other document it finds necessary for granting, modifying or renewing the license.
  • - The application is automatically cancelled after three month from submitting it if the procedures are not complete.
  • Warning: The Ministry draws the attention of the license owners that the license will be cancelled if the activity stopped for six month without notifying the Ministry and it will be cancelled if a year passed on its end or if it was rented to other persons.

Required Documents

  • The applicant for obtaining a commercial license commits to submitting the following documents with the application form:
  • 1- Copy of the civil ID after checking it with the original
  • 2- Capital certificate by the bank according on the commercial activity to be practiced depending on the amount defined in the commercial activity classification, in addition to a deposit receipt proving that ownership of the establishment capital.
  • 3- Certificate from the Public Authority for Social Securities proving the registration, as per the provisions of Chapter Five or Three or a pension certificate.
  • 4- Copy of lease contract and license, after checking them by the real estate owner with the original lease in the name of the license owner
  • 5- Copy of the general or special power of attorney for the relatives or the license owner representative, after checking it with the original
  • 6- Copy of the civil ID of the representative after checking it with the original
  • 7- Certificate of civil entity numbers (Public Authority of Civil Information Headquarters) stating that the obtained licensed are valid and that the activity is practiced as licensed and in the same location
  • 8- Automatic number of the address
  • 9- Required fees for issuance: (80) KD
  • 10- Certificate from the embassy, for the GCC citizen
  • If the applicant for the individual license wishes to obtain more than five licenses, up to ten licenses, he must submit the following documents:
  • 1- Statement of account for the three months prior to the date of submitting the application, proving that the applicant has a balance and is the owner of the establishment capital according to the type of commercial activity, in addition to the documents defined in the beginning of this appendix
  • 2- The applicant for more than ten individual commercial licenses must submit the balance sheet for the last fiscal year, in addition to the documents defined in the paragraphs "fist" and "second" of this appendix.
  • 3- The academic qualifications and the experience certificates for the commercial license applicant must be submitted according to what is defined in the commercial activity classification.


Visit the Commercial License Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit the required documents.


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