Issuing Letters on Receiving Cement, Iron, and Calcareous Bricks for Real Estate Loan Borrowers

Service Description

  • This service allows issuing letters on receiving cement, iron and calcareous bricks for real estate loan borrowers.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. The applicant must be a Kuwaiti citizen.
  • 2. The citizen must have a loan from the Saving and Credit Bank.
  • The applicant must be present
  • 4. Presence of the applicant representative, with the official power of attorney and the original civil ID of the applicant

Required Documents

  • 1. Letter from the Saving and Credit Bank to the Ministry stating the name of applicant and loan amount, so as to obtain the subsidized cement and iron through automatic connection
  • 2. Copy of the construction license from Kuwait Municipality
  • 3. Copy of the applicant's civil ID


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 1st floor, block 2,
Supply Department, Supply Control and submit the required documents.


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