Applying for issuing food ration cards for GCC citizens

Service Description

  • This service allows GCC citizens to issue food ration cards.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Presence of the card owner and signing the issuing card

Required Documents

  • 1) Original civil IDs of all family members who are GCC citizens as a proof of identity and address, with work location indicated
  • 2) The food ration card is issued (for GCC) and treated as Kuwaiti.
  • 3) The food ration card is registered in the name of the GCC citizen who is married to a GCC woman.
  • 4) Adding the father, mother and siblings to the same card, if required, must be with the same address.
  • 5) In case of death or divorce of the family householder, the card is transferred to one of the members included in the card.
  • 6) The food ration card is not issued for GCC citizens who are married to foreigners or persons of undefined nationality.


Visit the Supply Department of the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and submit the required documents


0 KD
Variable Fees
5 KD Fixed Fees: for issuing a new card

Downloadable Forms

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