Applying for modification for merging companies

Service Description

  • This service for business sector companies and organizations allows merging companies.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • 1. Referring to the Commercial Companies Law in regards with procedures
  • 2. Publishing in the official newspaper for 90 days, starting from the publishing date
  • 3. Registering in the Commercial Register
  • 4. Publishing in any two daily newspapers
  • 5. Letter for the Ministry of Justice after finishing the abovementioned procedures
  • 6. Minutes of company meetings

Required Documents

  • 1. General Assembly minutes of meeting for the merging companies and the companies to be merged
  • 2. Letter from all the companies concerned to the Ministry requesting to be registered in the Commercial Register
  • 3. Filling the required form (modification application) for the merging companies and the companies to be merged
  • 4. Budget of liquidizing the company to be merged and the budget of the merging company


Visit the Ministries Complex, Ministry of Commerce and Industry, 1st floor, block 2, Department of Partnerships and submit the required documents.


Depending on the merger type:

Merger: N/A
Consolidation: 30 KD

Downloadable Forms

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