Calibrating the Radiation Measurement Equipment

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (companies and organizations) to receive the service of calibrating the radiation measurement equipment in order to ensure the equipment suitability

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant entity must submit a letter requesting the equipment calibration

Required Documents

  • Copy from the previous calibration certificate, if any
  • Letter requesting the calibration of the radiation measurement equipment


Bring the equipment you want to calibrate and a letter stating the equipment type, number, and catalog, and visit the Department of Calibration and Radiation Exposure Measure of the Ministry of Health
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due
In the presence of the entity representative, submit the equipment after ensuring its suitability according to the form previously prepared for this reason. A date will be set to receive the equipment after calibration with a maximum of (15) days following the equipment submission date. After calibrating the equipment as required according to the calibration protocol in force, the calibration certificate will be prepared and approved by the Department manager. The equipment will be labeled with the new and the next calibration date


(0) KD
Variable Fees
(10) KD Fixed Fees: Equipment calibration fee

Downloadable Forms

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