Issuing Licenses to Open Civil Dispensaries

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and business sector (organizations and companies) to issue licenses to open civil dispensaries. The dispensary comprises a group of medical clinics, like primary health care clinic and other medical specialty. In addition to the primary health care services, the dispensary provides assisting medical services like laboratory, x-rays and physiotherapy. The dispensary may, also, include observation beds, which are not for lodging. Day-surgeries may not be performed in the dispensaries

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must be a full-time Kuwaiti physician free to work at the dispensary
  • The applicant must have at least five-year experience in the field of medicine
  • The applicant must not be medically retired
  • The dispensary must follow a licensed civil hospital in the State of Kuwait, provided that the hospital has only one dispensary in each Governorate
  • The approval of the Medical License Committee of the Ministry of Health must be obtained
  • The approvals of Kuwait Municipality, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate and the Environment Public Authority on the dispensary location and plan must be obtained
  • At least one separate floor must be allocated for the dispensary, provided that it is not higher than the first floor, unless the building was previously licensed from Kuwait Municipality for a medical activity
  • The number of clinics in the dispensary must not be less than three clinics, provided that at least one clinic is dedicated for a general practitioner
  • The employee licensed to work in the dispensary is not allowed to work in another place, unless a permit is obtained from the Ministry of Health

Required Documents

  • Written approval from Kuwait Municipality, Kuwait Fire Service Directorate and the Environment Public Authority (environmental impact)
  • Copy of the applicant's civil ID, and copy of the nationality certificate
  • Copy of the scientific certificates and certificates of experience


Visit the Medical License Department of the Ministry of Health and submit the required documents and the application form. A legal memorandum is prepared by the Department indicating the applicant has met all the terms and conditions
Obtain the primary approval from the Medical License Committee, valid for 6 months and can be renewed once only
Submit the approvals of Kuwait Municipality, Kuwait Fire Service ‎Directorate, and the Environment Public Authority. The specialized technical committees from the Ministry of Health perform the primary inspection on the dispensary location.
Start the construction procedures of the dispensary and preparations of the clinic with the required medical equipment. After completing the procedures, a final inspection is made to ensure that the dispensary meets the required medical and technical conditions
Pay the fees due. The license to open a dispensary is issued


(0) KD Variable Fees
(500) KD Fixed Fees: First-time license
(250) KD Fixed Fees: License renewal

Downloadable Forms

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