Issuance of Diseases Free Certificate for Study Abroad Candidates

Service Description

  • This service allows residents and citizens who will study abroad to obtain the to whom it may concern certificate that proves the physical fitness of the applicant and that he/she is free of contagious diseases.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The non-Kuwaiti applicant must be a resident.

Required Documents

  • Two (2) personal photos
  • Copy of the civil ID


Bring the required documents and visit the Public Medical Council of the Ministry of Health at the Department Compound at Al-Shweikh inside the Al-Saba Health District next to the Treatment Abroad Department
Submit a request for a To Whom It May Concern Certificate and Diseases Free Certificate to be addressed to the president of the Public Medical Council
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due
The applicant is given a medical test form by the Public Medical Council where a personal photo is attached and to which the required medical tests must be attached (chest x-ray - urinanalysis - electrocardiography for those above (50) years - blood test form for viruses). Some cases may require special tests
After completing the tests and the medical examination by the physician of the Public Medical Council, the applicant is given the Diseases Free Certificate


(3) KD
Fixed Fees: For citizens
(15) KD Fixed Fees: For residents
(0) KD Variable Fees

Downloadable Forms

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