Providing Nutritional Care and Health Services in the Nutrition and Feeding Clinic

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and residents to obtain nutritional care and health services in the nutrition and feeding clinic. The clinic receives people from all Kuwait governorates and presents its services to patients suffering from nutritional problems, like obesity, severe thinness, and malnutrition. Also, the nutrition clinic presents its services to patients of chronic nutritional diseases, like diabetes and hyperlipidemia, and congenital disorders of digestion and metabolism. Working in the clinic is an integrated team of physicians, nutrition specialists, administrative team, community nutrition awareness team and healthy nutrition awareness team, all with the aim to provide full nutritional care and health services to patients

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must be suffering from health disorder related to nutrition or nutrition is part of its medical treatment
  • The non-Kuwaiti resident applicant must not violate the residence conditions

Required Documents

  • Civil ID
  • Medical tests, if any
  • Transfer document from the center or the hospital, if any


Visit the Nutrition and Feeding Clinic to request nutritional care. A physician reviews your case and requests the required tests
After performing the required tests, the nutritional specialist meets you and designs the diet suitable for your condition according to your age, gender, weight and test results
The nutritional specialist follows your condition and provides nutrition tips and modifies your diet as required


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Downloadable Forms

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