Releasing Non-Ionic Radiation Apparatuses

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (companies and organizations) to obtain an approval from the Ministry of Health on releasing non-ionic apparatus mentioned in the customs declaration.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The importer must have an importing license for the apparatuses requiring release.
  • The entity using the apparatus must have applied for apparatus use licenses and doctors' personal licenses.

Required Documents

  • Original service documents transferred from the Customs Department to the Ministry of Health


Visit Sharq Complex - Tower 12 - first floor - apartment 5 and submit the required documents. The imported goods recorded in the invoice are verified against the related import license.
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due


(0) KD
Variable Fees
(5) KD Fixed Fees: Release permission for a delivery

Downloadable Forms

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