Issuing Passport (First Time)

Service Description

  • This service allows Kuwaiti citizens to issue passports for the first time

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Attend the legal representative
  • Bring the civil card and a copy of it
  • Online passport photo requirements and specifications:
  • 1- Photo size should be 4x5 cm
  • 2- The photo should have a blue background to be in contrast to your face
  • 3- The photo should be in high quality and bright clear colors, and shall not exceed 6 months after creation date
  • 4- You should look directly into the camera with a straight face
  • 5- You should keep your hair off your face in order to show your face outline
  • 6- You are allowed to put on Hijab or jewelry.
  • 7- The hijab should be in one color and should allow your face to appear entirely from the lowest of your chin to the highest of your forehead along with the sides of your face
  • 8- Eyeglasses and jewelry should not hide or change the details of your face; therefore glasses with thick or colored lenses are not allowed. There also should be no reflection from the glasses, the rings or any of the buttons etc.
  • 9- Children less than 3 years old should have their mouth open in the photo and the photo should meet the other requirements; having no reflection in it.
  • 10- The photo should be clear with no blur and no red-eye effect
  • 11- The photo should be taken with only one clear light with a suitable amount of brightness and contrast to show the face in its natural color

Required Documents

  • One new photo 4x5 cm (please re-check requirements)
  • Original Civil ID of the child and a copy of it
  • Copy of the child's birth certificate
  • Copy of the latest educational certificate (if the child is seven years old or older)
  • The legal representative shall be present along with the Civil ID card and a copy of it


Applicants should get the required application for issuing passports from one of the service centers below, and that is according to their address on the Civil ID card​
General Department of Citizenship and Travel Documents
Capital Governorate : Shamiya Service Center
Hawalli Governorate : West Mishref Service Center
Al-Farwaniya Governorate : Ishbiliya Service Center
Mubarak Al-Kabeer Governorate : Al Adan Block 7 Service Center
Jahra Governorate : Saad Al-Abdullah Service Center
Al-Ahmadi Governorate : Fahd Al-Ahmed Service Center ​​​
Applicants are welcome in those exact service centers in the morning​
The priority from 8-10 am is for senior citizens and the disabled​
Applicants should write their signature and leave their fingerprints (to confirm identity) before receiving the application​
Applicants less than 10 years old don't have to write their signature​
Applicants less than 12 years old don't have to leave fingerprints​


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