Entrance Visas:Family Visit Visa

Service Description

  • This service allows the issuance of entrance visas for relatives wishing to pay visits

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Unrequired

Required Documents

  • Required visit application
  • Copy of the visitor’s passport (passport shall be valid for 6 months or more)
  • Proof of kinship (certificates issued from the Embassy Department are not counted)
  • Recent salary certificate for the foreign provider/sponsor if he is working in the Government Sector or from the computer.
  • Sponsor’s/Provider’s Civil ID


If you are a Kuwaiti citizen, visit the General Department of Immigration in any governorate and submit the required documents. If you are a non-Kuwaiti resident, visit the General Department of Immigration in the governorate you refer to and submit the required documents
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due


0 KD Variable fees
3 KD Fixed Fees

Downloadable Forms