Replacing a Passport

Service Description

  • This service allows Kuwaiti citizens to replace their passports

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The father or a legal representative must attend the procedures, in case the applicant is an incompetent person or a child
  • Reasons for replacing your passport are confined to the wish to change the photo or the job title, and the cases where all the passport pages are filled

Required Documents

  • Passport
  • Four (4) photos (4 × 6) with blue background
  • New Job title proof from the employer, in case the reason for replacement is a wish to change the job title


If you are a Kuwaiti citizen, visit the General Department of Citizenship and Travel Documents in the governorate you refer to and submit the required documents
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due


0 KD Variable fees
3 KD Fixed fees: Fees for 5 years
6 KD Fixed fees: Fees for 10 years for applicants who are older than 30 years old

Downloadable Forms

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