Service of Receiving Requests for Supporting Islamic Projects

Service Description

  • Receiving requests for supporting Islamic projects and presenting them to the Islamic Cooperation Committee to take the necessary action

Eligibility or Criteria

  • A detailed statement for the project total costs (specific construction project) is required, pointing out the amounts collected and the remaining amounts left to be collected. The Statement must be approved by an accounting agency.
  • A recommendation for your organization or institution for the Kuwaiti embassy or from the embassy referred to it
  • Papers and documents that support your project (licenses), photographs of the project, and the Islamic activities held by the organization
  • Names of the Board of Directors members and the people responsible for your organization are required. In addition you must notify us of any change in the future in order to be able to study our application.
  • A detailed statement of the permanent address of your organization mentioning the phone number, fax, mail address, e-mail address if available
  • Banking data: account number, beneficiary name (the account must be in the name of a charitable organization and not in the name of an individual), name and address of the bank, type of conversion currency, and name of the intermediary bank
  • Provide us with the following data: (year of construction – objectives – activities – achievements – geographical location – number of beneficiaries of the project – the segments it serves)
  • Note: The project is saved for six months from that date of application submission; then application is canceled.

Required Documents

  • Application form for requesting Islamic support


Receiving applications to request support submitted, through official channels, by local and foreign charitable institutions and organization
Saving applications in the files of Aids Section
Assigning a specialist to complete the procedures
Opinion of entities authorized to support Islamic projects
Registering the project according to the date of submission in the Aids program on the computer
Display support requests for Islamic projects to the Islamic Cooperation Committee to take the necessary action in accordance with the existing systems


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Downloadable Forms

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