Registration for the State Incentive Award

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to run for the State Incentive Award.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • Candidate must be Kuwaiti.
  • The work must be distinguished in its field.
  • Candidate must fill in the nomination form prepared for this purpose, and submit it at the specified time.
  • The candidate must not be a holder of an academic degree (MِA / PhD).
  • The work submitted must be produced in 2017 and afterwards
  • Candidate shall provide National Council with 5 non-retrievable copies of the work he wishes to participate in with
  • The works must be written in Standard Arabic.
  • The works must be published in books approved by the Ministry of Information and have an ISBN.
  • Joint works are accepted, provided that all co-authors are Kuwaitis.
  • Award’s candidate must provide the National Council with an official nomination letter, in case he is nominated by other entities, and with a letter stating the approval of the nomination.
  • The State Incentive Award is granted to a person one time for the branch in which he won, and whoever won the award may apply for the award in other branches only after five years.
  • Works nominated for the award in previous years will not be accepted.
  • Attending in person when applying.
  • The date of nomination is determined in time and announced every year.
  • The applicant must undertake that he owns all rights related to the nominated work, and acknowledge that the work’s intellectual property rights are fully preserved and all its consequences and contents. He must also undertake that the work is not subjected to legal or intellectual disputes.
  • People in charge of granting award working for National Council for Culture, Arts and Literature are prohibited to apply for nomination.
  • Candidate must submit at least three publications, indicating the age group he is addressing to be nominated for the Children’s Stories Award.

Required Documents

  • Curriculum vitae.
  • Copy of the civil ID.
  • Three personal photos.
  • Samples of his previous works (if available).


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​Head to the National Council - General Secretariat - Culture Sector - fourth floor.​


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