Theater Reservations

Service Description

  • This service allows you to reserve one of National Council for Culture, Arts and Letters theaters (Al-Dasma Theater) - (Al-Shamiya Theater) - (Al-Tahrir Theater - Kaifan)- (Abdul-Hussein Abdul-Ridha Theater - Salmiya)

Eligibility or Criteria

  • After approving the theater reservation, the party is not entitled to waive its reservation for another party.
  • The reservation period is 30 days, extendable to 15 days only.
  • The beneficiary of the reservation is not entitled to present any other show after obtaining approval for the theater reservation
  • In the event that the beneficiary entity violates any of the previous conditions, the theater reservation shall be considered void.
  • Signing a pledge to enter the theater and abide by the conditions contained in the pledge.

Required Documents

  • A letter indicating the period of reservation in the name of the company, the license for theatrical show to be presented.
  • A valid artistic production license.


​Theatrical production company sends a letter to request a theater reservation in the name of the Secretary-General, and attaches the show theatrical approval letter​.

​7 working days​.


0 KDVariable fees
The reservation applicant deposits 100 KWD for each day of the reservation period in the treasury of the National Council for Culture and Arts - Collect the reservation fees. Fixed fees
The beneficiary of the theater reservation deposits an amount of 5000 KWD as a theater reservation insurance fee which will be refunded after the end of the reservation period.Fixed fees

Downloadable Forms

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