Theatrical Show Approval

Service Description

  • These services allow theatrical shows to be approved and presented to the audience. The applicant gets a preliminary approval from the committee, provided that the theatrical show will be finally approved after presenting a general rehearsal to the show permit committee.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • N/A

Required Documents

  • Letter from the company to get the approval.
  • Author’s Curriculum Vitae
  • 10 copies of the theatrical script to be approved
  • A valid theatrical production license
  • Digital copy of the theatrical script.
  • A certificate from the Fire Service Directorate on the theater readiness.


​The theatrical production company submits a letter to the Secretary-General to get an approval for theatrical show.

​Submission: At the theater administration headquarters (Al Shamiya Theater).​

​The approval application shall be submitted to the competent department attached with an evidence that the script has an ISBN in the National Library of Kuwait according to the form prepared for this.​

Fill in the Theatrical Show Details form at the theater administration and attach a valid theatrical production license copy.

​After completing the stipulated procedures, the producing entity must notify the council with the final rehearsal date, 15 days before the date specified for it.​

​The show approval is valid for one year from the date of notification and it is renewed for a similar period, provided that a renewal application is submitted sixty days before the end of the previous period. The Council has the right to decide on this according to the requirements of the public interest.​

​The approval of theatrical shows depends on watching them with all their elements in the final rehearsal​


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