Increasing Production Capacity with an Increase in the Parcel Area

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (companies and organizations) to request an increase in the production capacity of an industrial establishment, with an expand in its allocated parcel area

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The industrial establishment must have reached or exceeded the maximum production capacity licensed by the Public Authority of Industry
  • The applicant must undertake to make the product conform to the standards and specifications set in the related laws and regulations
  • The applicant must undertake to meet all the terms and conditions of the government entities concerned with preserving the environment and the public system
  • The applicant must pay the fees due
  • The industrial license must be valid
  • The parcel contract must be valid
  • No violations must have been recorded on the license or the parcel
  • No financial claims must have been recorded against the parcel owner
  • The national employment percentage must be fulfilled

Required Documents

  • Letter addressed to the General Manager stating the causes and justifications for increasing the production capacity
  • Copy of the establishment industrial license
  • Documents proving that the establishment has reached or exceeded the production capacity licensed from the Public Authority of Industry, including:
  • Establishment budgets of the three years preceeding the request submission
  • Previous year purchasing bills for the establishment raw material
  • Previous year selling bills for the establishment products
  • Application form for increasing the licensed production capacity to clarify the changes following the increase
  • Engineering and technical plan of the industrial establishment
  • Catalogs and offers of the equipment, machines, and raw material required for adding a product
  • Certificate of National Employment Fulfillment from the Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor
  • Parcel lease contract
  • Parcel lease receipt


Visit the Integrated Services Center of the Public Authority for Industry and submit the required documents
Fill the service application form
Pay the fees due


(0) KD Variable Fees
(90) KD Fixed Fees
(15) KD Fixed Fees: Industrial Register Modification Fees