Issuing an Industrial Establishment License

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector (companies and organizations) to obtain an approval on building a new industrial establishment

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant must belong to one of the following two categories:
  • Kuwaiti citizens or Kuwaiti established companies pursuant to the provisions of the Commercial Companies Law
  • Citizens of the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) states (Kuwaiti citizens or companies) pursuant to the agreements in force
  • The applicant must submit a proof for his membership in Kuwait Chamber of Commerce and Industry
  • The applicant must undertake to make the product conform to the standards and specifications set in the related laws and regulations
  • The applicant must undertake to meet all the terms and conditions of the government entities concerned with preserving the environment and the public system
  • The applicant must pay the fees due
  • The applicant must not be less than (21) years old
  • The capital of the applicant (Investor) must not exceed (250,000) two hundred and fifty thousand Kuwaiti Dinars, or be less than (50,000) fifty thousand Kuwaiti Dinars
  • The total machine investment must not be less than (20%) of the invested capital
  • The applicant must be registered in the Public Institution for Social Security system and must not be working in the Governmental Sector, in case the applicant is an individual

Required Documents

  • Integrated economic feasibility study
  • Engineering and technical plan of the project
  • True copy of the civil ID for individuals, or the company's articles of incorporation for companies
  • Certificate from the Public Institution for Social Security stating that the applicant is not working in the Government Sector, in case the applicant is an individual
  • Catalogs and offers of the equipment and machines
  • Copy of the signature authorization for the applicant or an official power of attorney


Visit the Integrated Services Center of the Public Authority for Industry and submit the required documents
Pay the fees due


 (0) KD Variable Fees
 (50) KD Fixed Fees
 (30) KD Fixed Fees: Industrial Register Registration Fees