Adding Service Period for an Unpaid Leave

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to add unpaid leave periods to their service periods: Maternity leaves for female citizens (unpaid) Special leaves for female and male citizens (unpaid) Such leaves are not covered by the insurance, since the employee does not receive any salary in return for his/her leave period. On returning to work, the employee may request adding the unpaid leave period to the service period

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant citizen must have a unpaid leave
  • The application of this service must be done through the agency where the applicant work

Required Documents

  • Unpaid leave resolution
  • Return to work resolution after the end of the unpaid leave
  • Recent salary certificate stating the salary details
  • Copy of the valid civil ID
  • Letter from the employer requesting to add the unpaid leave period


Application is done through the agency where the applicant work, The agency sends the application to the institute and keeps track of it's updates all through the process of fulfilling the service


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Downloadable Forms

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