To Whom It May Concern Certificate on Not Receiving Pension or Share from the Public Institution for Social Security

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens to obtain To Whom It May Concern Certificate on not receiving pension or share from the Public Institution for Social Security. The following entities may obtain this Certificate: Ministry of Social Affairs and Labor - Al-Diwan Al-Amiri - Zakat House - Crown Prince Office at the Cabinet - Awqaf Public Foundation - Supreme Council for the Disabled. Those who want to receive a subsidy and are younger than (18) years old may apply for the Certificate Note: The "Share" is the portion of a deceased person's pension to which a relative is entitled. The deceased person could be the father, mother, brother, sister, or grandfather. It also refers to the wife's share from her deceased husband's or father's pension

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The applicant or his agent must attend in person or the legitimate guardian
  • The legitimate guardian, i.e. the father, must attend in person with applicants younger than (21) years also bring the guardianship rule

Required Documents

  • Original Kuwaiti nationality certificate or civil ID
  • Civil ID of legitimate guardian.
  • guardianship rule.
  • Power of attorney (original).


Visit, the applicant or his agent, the Certificate Section at the main building of the Public Institution for Social Security located in ElMerqab, ElSour Street or one of its branches (Meshrif Branch located at Mubarak Al-Abdullah district near the International Exhibition Fairgrounds, or Gharnata Branch located at Gharnata district - Gamal Abd-El Nasser Street near the Saving and Credit Bank, or Liberation Tower Branch) and submit the required documents(morning or afternoon)
Or, apply for the Certificate using the electronic service link
on the Public Institution for Social Security website


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