Sports in Kuwait


Though the National Archery Center is located in the Hunting and Equestrian Club; the Center is considered a separate entity. Anyone can use its facilities for nominal fees.


Basketball is one of the most popular sports in Kuwait. All main sport clubs in Kuwait have their Basketball teams and fields. Moreover, matches are organized regularly at the Kuwait Sports Club.


In Kuwait, four bowling courts are available at Silver Towers, Hunting and Equestrian Club, Holiday Inn Hotel and Safir International Hotel.

Equestrian Sports:

The Hunting and Equestrian Club is located at the Sixth Ring Road. The club is prepared with riding and race tracks. It also includes facilities for holding parties, as well as a swimming pool, tennis, squash and bowling courts, a restaurant and an indoor sports area. To join the Hunting and Equestrian Club, you must be sponsored by Kuwaiti citizens.


The Ice Skating Rink is located just off the Shamiya Gate at the First Ring Road. The rink was completely refurbished after being greatly damaged during the Iraqi invasion. The Ice Skating rink consists of two main rinks: one is made according to Olympic Standards and as big as the Olympic rinks, and the other is smaller for women and children only. You want to learn ice-skating, you can subscribe in one of the training courses provided by the Ice Skating Rink. You can, also, rent and/or buy skating equipments and suits from the specialized shops. Finally, you can enjoy refreshments in the small cafe there. The Ice Skating rink is open daily from 09:00 am to 09:00 pm except for Saturdays.

Car Races:

The Amateur Car and Motorbike Association, located at the Science Club on the Sixth Ring Road, sponsors this sport. Car races are held all year round and every Thursday, the Association holds fast car races. However, motorbike races are held only from May to October. The entrance fee is one Kuwaiti Dinar.