Ministry of Electricity and Water eServices

Online Payment Billing Services
- Online payment
- Bill payment request (For a premise or building)
- Bill payment request for all registered buildings by customer name
- Premium payment for debt acknowledgment
- Bill installation request
- Inquire about debt acknowledgment data
- Restore a service disconnected due to bills non-payment
- Disclaimer certificate request for a premise
- Disclaimer certificate request for a customer
- Request for subsidies

Electricity Services - Install a new electricity current
- Increase the electricity current
- Transfer an electrical meter and cable
- Temporary electrical current
- Cable, antenna line and station relocation service
- Remove an electrical meter and cable request for a demolishing purpose
- Restore the electricity current

Water Services
- Install water to a new building
- Add a water supplier for an existing building
- Increase an existing water supplier capacity
- Transfer a water supplier
- Install the water service temporarily
- Disconnect the water service 

Meter Services
- Register a meter in a new customer name
- De-register a meter for a premise departure
- Pay a meter insurance
- Refund a meter insurance
- Add or delete electricity meters
- Add or delete water meters
- Report a meter malfunction

Street Lighting Services
- Repatriate street lighting equipment

Other services
- Payment of online transaction fees
- Approval request for air conditioning
- SMS service subscription
- Suppliers registration services
- Permits issuing system

Inquires and Complaints
- Inquire about online service status
- Update customer’s data
- Lodge a complaint of online service delay
- Lodge a complaint against bill validity and meter reading