Company Workers

In cooperation with the IT Department, the Labor Relations Department, of the Labor Protection Sector, Public Authority for Manpower, offers electronic services to all types of workers who are registered at the Authority. Such services enable workers to submit electronic forms related to worker complaints, follow up on complaints, and inquire about submitted employee absenteeism reports. This aims at protecting the rights of private sector employees, and ensuring their commitment to fulfill their obligations towards their employers in accordance with laws, decisions and regulations governing labor relationships. These electronic services also enable private sector employees to issue copies of documents proving their work relationships; as well as to submit and follow up on worker dispute and work permit dispute complaints. Employers, on the other hand, can also submit and follow up on employee absenteeism reports through the Labor Service offered to employers.
So, through our electronic services, both parties in the work relationship can be informed of any updates to a dispute or an absenteeism case by a text message sent to both parties (employer phone number should be sent to Employer Labor Departments, while worker phone numbers should be sent to Labor relationship Department units). Please submit and update your contact details at your earliest convenience to make the most of the labor electronic services.

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