Eservices for Public Authority Of Manpower,As-hal Service

As-hal is an online service provided by the Public Authority of Manpower. It helps facilitating the procedures needed to recruit employees for business owners, as well as, handling all the transactions online. This service allows you to: 

- Issuing work permit for the first-time - expatriate labor - Registering - national labor
- Renew work permit - national labor - Revoking work permit - expatriate labor
- Amending work permit - national labor - Revoking work permit - national labor
- Issuing work permit - expatriate labor - Enquiry about bank transfers
- Work permit renewal - expatriate labor - Enquiry about license primary data
- Managing business hours for each license in the file - Upload payroll file
- File primary data - Employee leave input- regular
- Employee leave input – Sick/Urgent - Enquiry about Employees entered leaves
- Enquiry about labor complaints - Estimating first-time-required laborers
- Requesting & Printing labor list - Enquiry about payroll deductions
- Enquiry about absence announcements - Updating license data
- View completeness status and jobs details - Adding contract and work location
- Amending or revoking contract and work location - Lists of contracts, locations and working hours
- National labor list - Expatriate labor list
- Amending need estimation - Renew need estimation
- Submitting labor list request (RJ) - Enquiry about transaction (Upload payroll file)
- Submitting licensed worker absence announcement - Submitting permitted worker absence announcement
- Opening a file - File accountancy report - inspection

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