Palestine thank Kuwait for urgent UNSC meeting on Gaza

Date: 30/03/2018     Time: 11:40 PM

Palestinian Foreign Minister Riyadh Al-Malki thanked State of Kuwait for acting swifty and requested an urgent UN Security Council session to discuss bloody events in Gaza, where Israel killed 15 Palestinians in the enclave Friday. "The main responsibility is upon the Security Council to act immediately and stop this massacre," Al-Malki said in a statement. The UNSC, he added, should condemn the Israeli occupation "for the use of live bullets with the aim of killing unarmed citizens, who were only standing peacefully near the borders to express how they were attached to their land." Al-Malki said the Israeli crime "is a war crime which does not only deserve condemnation but punitive measures against the occupying country." The UNSC is due meet later at request of Kuwait to discuss developments in Gaza Strip and Palestinian territories, where Israeli forces killed 15 peaceful demonstrators and injured over 1,400 others.