Building Description Request (for Transfer of Ownership)

Service Description

  • This service allows citizens and business sector to request a description of a building for the transfer of ownership

Eligibility or Criteria

  • All required documents must be submitted

Required Documents

  • Specification request from the owner and a letter from a government entity
  • Official document of title or an equivalent
  • Planning opinion from the Planning Department, with the exception of areas the State allocates for model housing
  • Letter from Kuwait Fire Service Directorate (Prevention Department) for the commercial, industrial, and residential buildings
  • Fee payment receipt


Visit the Scrutiny and Follow-up Engineering Department of Kuwait Municipality branch in the governorate concerned with the service and submit the required documents
Check the Municipality Center archive to extract the technical file
Go to the supervisors' controller chamber to set a date for examining the real estate and to prepare the technical report and the description certificate
After the deadline specified, go to the area engineers' chamber to have the technical file and description certificate checked and approved
Go to the printing chamber to print the description certificate or the charge
Go to the secretary chamber to prepare the envelop enclosing the official document of title, printed description certificates and the description request or the charge
Go to the Survey Department (Specification Section) to complete the specification procedures


(0) KD Variable fees
(10) KD Fixed fees: For limited income houses
(10) KD Fixed fees: For model and private houses
(50) KD Fixed fees: For residential buildings
(150) KD Fixed fees: For commercial buildings
(150) KD Fixed fees: For industrial parcels
(200) KD Fixed fees: For buildings of unique style
(50) KD Fixed fees: For unplanned real estate

Downloadable Forms

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