Applying for Issuing New Licenses for Audio Publications for Organizations

Service Description

  • This service allows the business sector to request issuing new licenses for audio publications for organizations.

Eligibility or Criteria

  • The place should be existent.
  • For signing the application, the principal, one of the partners, or an attorney-in-fact shall be present before all ministries and governmental authorities. The attorney in-fact should bring the civil ID when present to sign the application, or the signature authorization for the organization director or any of the organization partners.

Required Documents

  • A letter from the Ministry of Commerce and Industry for the required license.
  • Copy of civil ID of the organization owner.
  • Copy of the Nationality of the organization owner.
  • Copy of Secondary Education Certificate or above for the organization owner.
  • Copy of the lease contract and the last lease receipt of the required place for the organization.
  • Certificate of police record for the organization owner.
  • Certificate of the address automatic number from the Public Authority of Civil Information.
  • Certificate of the organization civil number from the Public Authority of Civil Information.
  • A letter from the Municipality with the required space or a sketch of the place certified from the Municipality.
  • If the organization was under establishment, you must bring a copy of the establishment contract and a copy of the Ministry of Trade and Industry's license, after receiving the initial approval from the Ministry of Information to complete the procedures and receive the final license from the Ministry of Information.


Go to the Government Mall of Ministries Complex - Liberation Tower - Licenses Section - Censorship on Artistic Works Department. ​​​


0 KD Variable Fees
45 KD Fixed Fees



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