Incoming Postal Parcels Delivery Service

Service Description

  • This service helps the public to receive the incoming and returned parcels from different countries. They include individual, personal, or commercial goods such as: spare parts, jewelry, or commercial or medical samples

Eligibility or Criteria

  • N/A

Required Documents

  • The original ID of individuals and legal persons (VIPs) ; and a receipt authorization letter for the Royal Family
  • Official letter of receipt authorization from the company by authorizing the receiving delegate
  • Notarized power of attorney from Ministry of Justice
  • Goods invoices and country of origin’s certificate


Check the Postal Parcels Section for receiving notification receipt​
Refer to the customs barrier to inspect, check, and submit a declaration form depending on the goods type​


0 K.D Variable fees
Storage fees, 20 fils for every parcel or a set of parcels with a maximum of 4 Kuwaiti dinars for a month from the date of sending the first notification to the concerned person​
Fixed Fees
Fees for parcels returned from the country of origin based on the table attached with the parcel (Cp77), which demonstrates the reason of returning the parcels and the fees for returning the source postal share (SDR)​
Fixed Fees
Customs fees, 5% on all parcel types based on the material type: goods, spare parts, jewelry, etc
Fixed Fees

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